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Star InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar Inactive is our general ecard website. On this website, visitors can send ecards to their loved ones, friends or others. The website is currently in 3 languages, Bulgarian, English and Dutch. Other languages may only follow but the chance is small as it is a website maintained by some volunteers in their own lives.

The website contains only general ecards. Special categories such as name day, sinterklaas, Baba Marta etc. are on our more specialized ecards sites ... like Baba Marta on the Bulgarian and Sinterklaas on the Dutch one.

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It seems like magic, but the Withings
Aura really helps you sleep better.
At least, if you sleep alone.



A good night's rest is essential, but what if you're a bad sleeper?
Or do you ever need someone to point out that you sleep badly or sleep late?
There are already a lot of apps and activity trackers trying to analyze your sleep,
but the Withings Aura goes one step further.

It sounds promising, a device that helps you sleep better. But the Aura is certainly not the first device that promises such a thing, though it is one of the first ones that focuses on it. We praised the Jawbone Up24 because it wakes you up at the right moment with a subtle vibration. Result: with less bad humor out of bed, so everyone is happy.

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Dell's Optiplex 9030 looks sober. You will find wilder All-in-Ones, but the device looks solid and the appearance does not lie.

The All-in-One comes with a keyboard and mouse and is attached to an easily adjustable stand.

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Are you also someone who regularly forgets where you left your keys? Or do you like to protect your expensive gadgets?
The Belgian Lapa has a simple and innovative solution for this.

I have to ask my wife in the morning where I have left that damn key bush. They have told me that I'm not the only one who's so forgetful, and that's what the Belgian Lapa also knows. Their convenient keychains measuring just 3 by 3 centimeters and pair with your smartphone to find your lost items quickly.

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