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Looking for a good, compact and nice looking label printer, then the Icon is a good choice.


The Leitz Icon is a compact, pleasant looking and smooth working
Label printer - nothing more but certainly nothing less.

It is certainly not an item that is useful to anyone, but for example, for those who regularly send a pack of letters, a label printer is a very practical device. If you need to regularly print address labels, name cards, or something like that, you know that the sticker sheets you can put in your regular printer do not work very smoothly – to begin with because you get a whole sheet of prints, even if you only need a few. That's not ideal.

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Wiko Smartphone


WikoWax 4G

Wiko has us since its launch earlier this year pleasantly surprised with some interesting devices, but unfortunately, the Wax 4G does not belong in that line. On paper, the wax 4G has everything that you could want: 4.7 inch HD screen, 4G, 8 megapixel camera and a sturdy Nvidia Tegra 4i quad core chip. In theory super, but in practice, unfortunately, less good.

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Sony Smartphone

Xperia E3

The Sony Xperia E3 is no beauty at all. Elegant are not even Sony's flagships, but despite the corners, the Z series looks very premium. If you think the premium content away, you see nothing but a brick. The top and bottom edges of the phone are gigantic and the larger screen edges on the side you will not easily find in other smartphones.

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Samsung Smartphone

Galaxy Ace 4

The Galaxy Ace 4 is just about the hardest budget smartphone to evaluate. Its small 4 inch screen format is no longer of this time, just like the 800x480 pixel resolution, yet screen quality is good enough for a pleasant experience.

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