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Do you also take pictures with the iPad? These can be easily transferred to the computer. We discuss 3 ways.

1. Importing pictures and videos

You can put the pictures of the iPad on the computer using the default "Importing Images and Videos" feature. This is a good method to transfer all images stored on the iPad at one time to the computer. It is also useful that the computer recognizes which images are already on the computer. Have you taken new photos with the iPad since last time you imported photos, then the computer only imports these new photos.

You now have two options: "Check and sort items for import" and "Import all items now." With "Import All Items Now", all new photos will be in one folder. The folder name you type yourself under 'Import All Items Now'. We choose the other option because the new pictures will be placed on your computer in a separate folder.

All new photos are selected in groups, and by date.

These two steps can be repeated for each group. You do not have to include a date in the folder name. You can set this to 'automatic'.
By default, by the folder name, the date of import is added. We adjust that to the date the photo was taken.


2. Transfer selection of photos from iPad to PC

Maybe you just want to put a selection of the best photos on the computer or is there one in particular you want to edit like. The Explorer allows you to copy a single photo from the iPad and then save it to the computer.


3. Email photo

If you want to put a single photo on your computer, you can also email it to yourself. Then save the picture from your email on your computer. Of course, you must have an e-mail address attached to the iPad.

The following steps apply to an iPad with iOS 8. If you have an iPad that also works via a 3G or 4G connection, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi when sending the pictures. You can then send them in full size without paying for the amount of information you send.

You now receive the pictures on the mail program on the computer and can save the photo(s) to the computer.