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Is there also so much information on your iPad? Then it is useful to make a regular copy of all that data. So at least you will not lose important data / stuff.

Backing up the data on an iPad can be done in two ways: via the computer and via the device itself.

Copy via computer

If you make a backup copy via computer, then you use the iTunes program. A copy is then made of the entire content of the iPad.

Here's how to do it:
•    Connect the iPad with the USB cable to your computer.
•    Open iTunes.
•    You will get an overview of the iPad data. Under "Backup," check the box Make a backup on this computer.
•    Click on Synchronize

The computer now makes a copy of all your files and settings.

Copy via the iPad

If you make a backup via the iPad itself, do it with iCloud. It then creates a copy of a portion of the iPad. For example, you can store up to 5 GB and no music. With iCloud backup, the main information of the iPad is stored on a virtual hard drive. You can set to automatically backed up certain information. However, this happens only when connected to Wi-Fi and the iPad is plugged in to the charger.

To back up via iCloud, do the following:
•    Tap on Settings > iCloud.
•    Enter your Apple ID and password if prompted.
•    You will see a list of the parts that you can copy on the right. Slide the slider to the right to make a backup of that particular item.
•    With iOS 8, backups will now be made automatically from these components. For a backup in iOS 7, follow the steps below.
•    Tap on Storage and backup.
•    This screen shows how much storage you are using and how much is still available.
•    Turn 'iCloud-backup' on by sliding the slider to the right. Now, backups are automatically made.
•    Tap on Make backup now to immediately make a copy.