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Occasionally you would like to go to the doctor for a full check-up, just to make sure everything is okay. That is not possible for the time being, but for your computer it is possible. ScanCircle looks at your computer from top to bottom

Step 1 Pressing this button is just about all you have to do.

Step 1 Pressing this button is almost the only thing you have to do yourself.


You can find ScanCircle at You do not have to install anything, just press the big DIRECT SCAN button to get ScanCircle. With a double click, the program opens in a narrow bar and starts scanning immediately. It only takes a handful of seconds, after which the program closes itself and the result opens in a new browser tab.

Step 2 You see at a glance the state of your computer.

Step 2 You can see at a glance the status of your computer.


In the orange bar at the top you will see five tabs, of which SUMMARY is open. Only the left bar is important, where you get an overview of the scores of your system. The rest of the page is only advertising, for example, for stores that can help you with the problems found on your PC. Some parts of the summary can be clicked, so you'll be sent to the correct tab right away. The most important tab is ADVICE. There the data from your computer and operating system are neatly explained in detail, the items that could use your attention have a colored background.

Step 3 There is a lot of hidden information in ScanCircle.

Step 3 There is a lot of hidden information in ScanCircle.


For example, I should start my computer again, and my free disk space is on the low side. Below you will see a list of recommended points, optional points and informative points. I have only one recommendation point: a missing startup program. When I hover over that item, a text box will be displayed with useful advice on how to address that problem. So ScanCircle helps you not only detect problems, but to solve them too. Very handy if you need to check your family's computer again.

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