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It seems like magic, but the Withings
Aura really helps you sleep better.
At least, if you sleep alone.



A good night's rest is essential, but what if you're a bad sleeper?
Or do you ever need someone to point out that you sleep badly or sleep late?
There are already a lot of apps and activity trackers trying to analyze your sleep,
but the Withings Aura goes one step further.

It sounds promising, a device that helps you sleep better. But the Aura is certainly not the first device that promises such a thing, though it is one of the first ones that focuses on it. We praised the Jawbone Up24 because it wakes you up at the right moment with a subtle vibration. Result: with less bad humor out of bed, so everyone is happy.

Withings thought to do a little extra with the Aura, a totally new way of sleep analysis. Instead of your smartphone or smart bracelet, you need to slide a sensor under your mattress that records everything. You will not feel the band, but if you want to analyze the sleep of your partner, you must purchase an optional second sensor. But when you sleep with two, the sensor can never work 100% properly. Then an activity tracker is a better option.

In addition to the sensor underneath the mattress, the Withings Aura also features a state-of-the-art light alarm. This element is to ensure that you will be pleasantly awakened, and quickly falls asleep. The Aura starts with an orange color and turns red to get you to sleep faster. To wake you up, he gives blue light to increase vigilance so you wake up softer. The device also plays music if you want: coast sounds to go to sleep, and melodious music to wake up, everything is possible. You can change the brightness of the lamp by wiping your hand up or down on the side of the device. There are also two USB connectors on the side of the Aura, so you can conveniently charge your smartphone and / or tablet at the same time.

What makes the Aura unique? He can record your REM sleep, while all other apps or trackers only measure your deep or light sleep. Through this nuance Aura automatically know what your sleeping patterns is and when to go to sleep. Sometimes a quarter of an hour later to sleep can have a disastrous effect on the morning, and after a few weeks of sleep under the guidance of the Aura I really notice the difference. The Withings Aura has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, for the moment, you can only connect with iOS. A Withings app for Android is already available, but it is not yet compatible with the Aura. At the time of writing, an Android version of the app for the Aura is announced, hopefully it is now available. For the time being, you can not choose any other music to sleep or stand up with. Sea sounds are nice, but after a few weeks you maybe want something else.

We are convinced that the Aura provides added value for anyone sleeping alone, but when you sleep together, he misses a bit of his effect. Additionally, look at the high price. Just recommended for bad sleepers without companions. The rest looks first at a (cheaper) activity tracker or a sleep app to experiment with.

299 euros (at time of writing)
+ Helps you to sleep and wake up; Analyzes three sleep types.
- for iOS only; expensive, optional second sensor for your partner.

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