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Dell's Optiplex 9030 looks sober. You will find wilder All-in-Ones, but the device looks solid and the appearance does not lie.

The All-in-One comes with a keyboard and mouse and is attached to an easily adjustable stand.

Mounting the screen is done with a very simple click system and once everything is in place, the Optiplex stands stable on your desk. Most of the all-in-one connections are located at the back of the unit. An opening in the stand allows you to neatly lead the cables away. Important connections like the usb 3.0 ports are also on the side.

The Optiplex has a 23 inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. About the screen, there is not much to criticize. You will not shed a tear of emotion because of the sharp display, but especially considering the price it is a nice one. Below that screen is a economical i5 processor with integrated graphics chip. With the exception of some high end variations, Integrated Intel graphics rarely make your heart beating faster of excitement and there's no difference here. This all-in-one is not made for gaming, so it's best not do that. But doing work is no problem at all. The four computing cores of the i5 processor along with the 8GB of RAM provide great performance. Again, nothing special happens under the hood, but everything runs as it should. The integrated SSD has a storage capacity of 120GB and that is on the tight side. With the format of software packages and HD movies today such a disc is quickly full. As a primary disk, the SSD contributes to the smooth response of the Optiplex, but if you want to keep a nice collection of digital files, you best invest in an additional external hard drive, or in a model with more storage capacity.

I5-4590s 4 Cores @ 3GHz
Intel HD Graphics 4600
23 inch screen (1920 x 1080)
Windows 8.1 Pro

899 euro (at time of writing)
+ Full HD Display, SSD, Price / Quality.
- Storage capacity.