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Are you also someone who regularly forgets where you left your keys? Or do you like to protect your expensive gadgets?
The Belgian Lapa has a simple and innovative solution for this.

I have to ask my wife in the morning where I have left that damn key bush. They have told me that I'm not the only one who's so forgetful, and that's what the Belgian Lapa also knows. Their convenient keychains measuring just 3 by 3 centimeters and pair with your smartphone to find your lost items quickly.

You can use a Lapa as a keychain, but also paste it on an important bag. A Lapa usually reaches 30 meters far, enough to find what you have lost or forgotten. At loss, you can ask the app to let the Lapa make sound. Thanks to the sound you get to see a radar on your smartphone that helps you find your lost belongings. Simple, but it works well. Important detail: The app is for iOS and Android and (not yet) for Windows Phone users.

But what if you really lose something outside the radius of 30 to 40 meters? Then you get the last known location on your smartphone so you can search for it. If you're unlucky, you should hope Lapa becomes a great success and that another Lapa user happens to be near your lost object. It can then forward a signal to your smartphone to get an update to the new location. There's no GPS in the Lapa, just bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smartphone. The integrated battery will take about 8 months, then you need to insert a new button cell battery. I personally think that is just too short: one year's autonomy was more enjoyable.

The Lapa is a brilliant invention, simple and efficient, but you need many Lapa users to make a full-fledged anti-theft system. Until then, he serves as a key hanger to detect forgotten keys. We hope that it will be a success because it will be an excellent system for monitoring your child (s). And if you've lost your child or pet, you'll have a greater chance of finding them. But of course, you will need many LAPA users.

24.95 euro (at time of writing)
+ Small format; Tracking works well; several colors.
- 8 months of autonomy; finding your stuff after theft still unrealistic.