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When does a laptop become too cheap to be still qualitative? Toshiba touch that line with the Satellite Radius 11, a small hybrid laptop with touch screen that does double duty as a laptop.

Along the outside, Radius 11 strongly reflects on the netbooks of the past, and that brings terrifying connotations. The era of the netbooks were not the high days of the Windows laptops. Does the Radius do it better?

With its 11.6 inch screen, the device has a nice size. The touch screen folds all the way around so that you can use the laptop as a tablet, and that function is considerably less useful as the screen diagonal is growing. Moreover, because Radius 11 does not weigh much, is the tablet mode very attractive, although the backside with keyboard (which naturally turns itself off) does not provide the most enjoyable texture compared to a true tablet. A minus that all hybrid devices of this type share. The screen of the computer does not have the best viewing angle but can compete perfectly with other screens in the lower price range. Full HD should not be expected here, but because the screen area is not that big, it's for this time not a disaster.

As a laptop, the Radius 11 seems to be very classical and to be honest, rather a bit old-fashioned. But that's not a disaster. You buy a budget laptop, not a flashy fashion item. Unfortunately, the interior fit a little too well with the outdated appearance. Inside Radius 11 runs a Pentium Processor and these things are almost a decade not known for their brute strength. However, the Pentium Series has not stopped so that the Satellite has a quad core at its disposal. But you do not notice much of that. The Radius 11 is therefore rather slow, even straight out of the box. The fact that Toshiba chose a hard drive instead of an SSD does not make the things better. For productivity tasks, a Solid State Drive can partially compensate for a weak processor, a hard drive can not. Again, you'll get a 500GB hard drive, great for a nice amount of photos and movies. Unfortunately, the low specifications have no beneficial effect on the even lower battery life. Five hours is not much for a device as this.

The Radius 11 is of course a budget model that brings hybrid capabilities to an affordable price range. That sacrifices must be made is therefore not abnormal. In terms of value, the Radius 11 offers value for money. Who wants a hybrid laptop of 399 euro, can get one from Toshiba. The question is, however, whether you want such a thing. As a second device, the Radius 11 is a great thing, as a primary computer, the computing power, and especially the battery life, fails. So realize what you buy for 399 euros; Then you will be satisfied. If you expect a laptop that runs as smoothly as ones that cost double, then you'll obviously go to be disappointed.

Intel Pentium N3540 4 Cores @ 2.16 GHz
Intel HD Graphics
11.6 inch screen (1366 x 768)
Windows 8.1

399 euro (at time of writing)
+ Affordable hybrid laptop, value for money
- Bad battery life despite modest specifications