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Looking for a good, compact and nice looking label printer, then the Icon is a good choice.


The Leitz Icon is a compact, pleasant looking and smooth working
Label printer - nothing more but certainly nothing less.

It is certainly not an item that is useful to anyone, but for example, for those who regularly send a pack of letters, a label printer is a very practical device. If you need to regularly print address labels, name cards, or something like that, you know that the sticker sheets you can put in your regular printer do not work very smoothly – to begin with because you get a whole sheet of prints, even if you only need a few. That's not ideal.

That's the strength of a good label printer like this Icon: You work with a ribbon and not with sheets, so you can always make the right amount of labels and can vary with lengths and shapes. Additional benefit: because this is a thermal printer, you do not need any ink cartridges – the printing process works completely with heat.

You can connect the printer to your computer with the supplied USB cable, but also connect to Wi-Fi. For who owns an iPhone or iPad: the Icon also supports AirPrint, so you can also print from your mobile device with the corresponding app. There was no support for Android yet, although Leitz was busy with it at the time of writing. So check out their website to see if the Android version is available. The printer should normally also be plugged into a power outlet unless you use the (separately purchased) rechargeable battery. The Icon works with cartridges – As mentioned not for the ink, but for the paper on which you print. There are different types – plain adhesive labels, labels in clear plastic, die-cut cardboard tickets, and all of them in several widths – all of them in identical looking cartridges. In the case of the Icon is already one role of ordinary adhesive labels. Placing the paper rolls is easy and the explanation is in the lid of the printer itself. Do not be too brutal and follow the instructions carefully – I had the flap that holds the roll in place almost wrenched the wrong side, and that you'd rather avoid. If you have just done it once the right way, then it's simple.

The printing itself works with the accompanying software (for Mac and Windows) or as mentioned through the iOS app. That software is not always as intuitive and you will need to look for some features, but all in all, the overall package works quite smoothly. You can create different types of labels with existing presets, with text and logo, but also with a barcode. The software can also use the data from your address book to automatically create address labels. Also, the program knows what type and width of cartridge is in the printer; so you do not have to enter it yourself. The Leitz label printer can print 200 labels in one minute. In short: the Leitz Icon is probably a niche product, but one that was designed with the necessary care for aesthetics and user-friendliness. Recommended.

139.99 euro (at time of writing)
+ Compact and elegant; No ink required AirPrint and wifi.
- Sometimes a bit of confusing software

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