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Huawei Smartphone

Ascend G6

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is doing its best to gain a serious market share. Competitive prices and solid devices ensure that Huawei cant be to ignored.

Although the Ascend G7 is just on the market, Huawei could not send us the newest model. Earlier we were enthusiastic about the G6, but now the competition has turned a notch. Here's the updated review.

The screen looks very good, despite the resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The grid is not visible and the colors look fine. Huawei provides the G6 with its own quad-core processor, which scores well on the CPU. GPU is better than average, but is defeated by the Tegra 4i in the Wiko Wax 4G.

Huawei runs its own skin on top of Android 4.3, Emui 2.0, and that will bring diehard Android users equally confused. The skin is still best described as the result of a physical love relationship between a lascivious Android phone and an unsuspecting iPhone. You like it or not, but the lack of an app menu is confusing. In addition, we received regular notifications to send error messages for analysis. Away with it, because the average user does not care. In addition, the G6 is just a good device: Its autonomy is excellent despite its thin profile, and the camera is fine. Due to the software, try first in the store before purchasing.

199 euros (at time of writing)
+ Design; Camera; Screen quality.
- Graphical shell; Disturbing notifications.

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