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LG Smartphone

L Bello

Granted, it's not the best name that LG could give to this device, but we were particularly concerned about the poor resolution of the 5 inch screen: 854x480 pixels.

Unfairly turns out, because we could not believe our eyes: the excellent screen quality can camouflage the low resolution without pixel grid. And what is the added benefit of a low resolution?

The added benefit is that weak GPU is not so noticeable because few pixels have to be calculated. You save on the computing power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, and on your battery.

And the last thing you notice, because the L Bello lasts for a long time with one load. He just lose from the ACER Liquid E700, but it looks less blocked. Like its big brother, the G3, also the L Bello has buttons on the back. Double tap on the front screen activates the device, extremely easily. Before you know it, you never use the on/off button again. You have a total of more than 2 GB of free space to install apps, normally more than enough. The 8 megapixel camera performs like most models in this price range without really standing out. However, what is missing is the light sensor on the front of the device. This means you always have to manually adjust the brightness of the unit for light or dark conditions. A painful mistake.

Overall, the L Bello seems faster than the Motorola Moto G 2014, partly due to its excellent low resolution screen. LG surprised us with the L Bello. One thing we know for sure: The price for the most beautiful name he will never get.

199 euros (at time of writing)
+ Autonomy; Buttons at the back; fast; Smart screen selection.
- No light sensor; Weak GPU.