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Viruses are annoying animals that is sometimes very hard to get rid off. Antivirus software can usually help you out of need, but sometimes it's stubborn. Then the FixMeStick comes in handy.

Choosing Antivirus Software is always a tricky thing: should you pay for it or not? Which packages are the most effective in removing viruses? FixMeStick adds a third element: the ability to clean computers directly via USB before Windows boot, for a better result. The FixMeStick works best with a common anti-virus package, because it does not scan your computer in real time for viruses and other spam. The FixMeStick is for the heavier stuff that's rooted deep into Windows and is hard to remove.

To remove some viruses, malware and especially rootkits properly, you must be able to scan before Windows starts to prevent additional contamination. There are various programs on the Internet that you can install on a USB stick to scan, but no one works as easily as the FixMeStick. You plug the drive into your computer, go through the registration, and with one click of a button you can reboot into a special FixMeStick environment before Windows starts. I already see you thinking why this is so important. Simple: a lot of computers will always boot the operating system from a hard drive, and only if there none they are going to look for a DVD or a USB stick. In order to allow the USB stick to run before Windows, you have to dive into your computer's BIOS and that is not for everyone a simple task. A click on the button is then very easy.

As soon as your computer reboots in the new FixMeStick environment, it immediately starts downloading the latest updates to fight viruses. He uses three partners: Kaspersky, Sophos and Vipre. A full scan can take up to an hour, even though the software says it can take several hours. After the scan, you can see what FixMeStick has found. Then you can choose what you want to delete. Finish? Then restart Windows, and it's done. Unfortunately, we once made a system unusable with the FixMeStick because it had removed some important Windows files. The very first response was of course light panic, but luckily you can reboot the PC into the FixMeStick USB environment and select 'Undo Quarantine'. Then the computer will recover to the state before you start scanning. If necessary contact FixMeStick so they can see remotely what's wrong so you can fix it.There are several free antivirus variants on the market that you can place on a usb stick, but the installation is always a very complex and no one except FixMeStick works with just one click. Ideal to work with if you need to remove deep rooted viruses. But just like any package, you can never be 100% sure that this usb stick will do it all. But by combining three antivirus scanners, he is one of the best solutions.
+ One-click installation; Opens up for windows startup; Decent; After registration can be used on more then 1 computer
- No real-time protection; Does not search in the register