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Category: Our websites is our general ecard website. On this website, visitors can send ecards to their loved ones, friends or others. The website is currently in 3 languages, Bulgarian, English and Dutch. Other languages may only follow but the chance is small as it is a website maintained by some volunteers in

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HTC Smartphone

Desire 500

The HTC Desire 500 leaves us with mixed feelings. The smartphone has a nice appearance, but the glossy plastic back of the black version is very sensitive to greasy fingers.

The device is also not particularly compact. Although it has a 4.3 inch screen, its footprint is similar to


Is there also so much information on your iPad? Then it is useful to make a regular copy of all that data. So at least you will not lose important data / stuff.

Backing up the data on an iPad can be done in two ways: via the computer and via

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